I’m a Programmer, doing some projects, both websites and desktop application.

you can look at my linkedin profile – project section to see further rather than old stuff below.


Client: Kampung Inggris DragonBall
site: http://kampunginggrisDB.com
Jobs: Theme WordPress
tools: WordPress
date: Nov 2012

Client: PT-IMI
site: http://pt-imi.com
Jobs: Theme WordPress for Company Profile and Forum
tools: WordPress, SMF

Client: Manga: Code Scanlation
site: http://mangacode.com
Jobs:  Manage the blog and Forum discussion
tool: WordPress, PHPBB

Client: IKA Mesin ITS
site: http://www.ikamesinits.org/home
Jobs:   Make Forum discussion on http://www.ikamesinits.org/forum
tools: PHP From Scratch

In Software house company

at Siap Technovation
Application: Software Siap Cerdas 283 (Intelligent software test)
site: http://gayabelajar.net/
Tools: VB.net, SQLite

Application: APE/SIMPEL (Library Management)
site: http://www.pastibos.com/
Tools: PHP CodeIgniter Framework